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Enhancing End-User Experience in Domo: The Power of a Thoughtful Table of Contents

As we navigate the vast world of data, it’s becoming increasingly important to create a seamless, intuitive, and efficient user experience. At RXA @ OneMagnify, we’ve...
Domo Variables
Business IntelligenceDomo

Domo Variables: Getting Started with Domo’s New Feature

Domo Variables are a new Domo feature that enables users to add dynamic values to cards and dashboards. This is a great way to make your...
Domo DDX Bricks
Business IntelligenceDomo

DDX Bricks: How to Customize your Domo Instance

If you’re using Domo, chances are you’ve heard of their new feature, DDX Bricks. DDX Bricks give you the ability to create custom visualizations within Domo...
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5 Benefits of a MajorDomo

We hear it all the time while working as Domo consultants. Why does my company need a MajorDomo? We only have a couple projects going. We...
Data Pipelines Webinar
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Building Custom Connectors & Data Pipelines

A webinar by developers for developers RXA, Domo, and DataCrew are teaming up for a free webinar on developing custom connectors and data pipelines in Domo....
BI Dashboard concept image, man holding a tablet with graphs, visuals, and KPIs coming out of it.
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How to Build a Great BI Dashboard

If you work with data, chances are you’ve created or used a business intelligence (BI) dashboard before. We’ve all seen good dashboards – but what makes...
Domo State Of Mind Pt 1
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Domo State of Mind: Defining your Data Culture to get Domo’s Transformational Value

Domo’s flexibility can be daunting. The business cloud platform integrates thousands of sources of data, offers unparalleled and accessible data transformation, and gives users the ability...
Getting Help In Domo
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A few tips on getting help in Domo

“Put in a ticket.” This sentence can invoke feelings of frustration – especially if you feel like you’re going in circles with support staff before finding...
Hand holding a magnifying glass on a crowd. Concept art for finding the right hire.
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How To Hire a Major Domo

What makes a Domo Instance successful? While there are many ways to drive success, having a competent, capable, and curious Major Domo can make all the...
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