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Data Transformation & ETL

Our team of Data Scientists transform your data for flexible and accurate analysis​

Eliminate hours of manual data preparation and engineering headaches. Spend more time extracting valuable insights from your data.

Are you overwhelmed by data? Is your team spending too much time on manual data preparation, engineering, & infrastructure, and not enough time on data analysis and strategy?

Let RXA @ OneMagnify create, manage, and monitor your data pipelines and workflows. Our data transformation services enable your team to spend less time aggregating, cleaning, and standardizing disparate data sources, and more time extracting real value and actionable insights from your data.

We can adapt and onboard quickly — We have decades of experience in data management and can work with you in whatever capacity you need. Whether you have your own data engineering team managing billions of rows in a Hadoop/Hbase environment that needs help with custom aggregations for a new BI tool; or you’re trying to reverse-engineer SQL reporting pulled from hundreds of tables sitting in a 30-year-old server stored in a proprietary file format…we have it handled.

We are platform and solution agnostic — RXA @ OneMagnify can manage your data and optimize your ETL processes across all technology stacks, including Redshift, BigQuery, Azure, Snowflake, and many more. We won’t force you to move your data to our platform or use our ML and visualization tools; at the same time, we have them if you need them.

We work across all scales — From building simple API integrations that we maintain or hand off to your team, to cleaning up non-standardized exports of proprietary data, to full-stack SaaS solutions pulling data from dozens of sources…we will find and implement the right solution for your problem and budget.

Data Preparation

RXA @ OneMagnify works with the leading analytic, data sciences, business intelligence and data stack platforms available today.

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