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Our team of AI experts transform your AI ideas into production-ready solutions.

Applied Artificial Intelligence Consulting


Applied artificial intelligence consulting is a process which curates existing solutions in machine learning and deep learning to provide organizations with impactful processes that shape the future of their business. ​Many companies are poised to leverage AI and machine learning and just need a little help on where to begin. RXA’s AI Kick-start program does just that. Together with your team and your data, we give you the expertise, techniques, and tools to win with AI. RXA draws on an extensive cross-industry data science expertise to enable prescriptive analytics within your existing environment.​​

Customers see improved performance estimation, optimized processes that result in lower costs, and better allocation of resources. Most importantly, they gain an understanding of the why behind the numbers. This allows the machines to be prescriptive and empower an augmented intelligence that seamlessly blends the best of AI with the intricate knowledge of the SMEs within your organization.​

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Business Intelligence Consulting

The Cost of Big Data​

Stop exhausting too many resources trying to interpret your business data.

Frustrated by the manual process of interpreting raw data? You have good, well organized, and documented data streams, but for it to be useful, you need a team of BI experts to analyze and visualize readable documents that your team can use.​​​​

Tired of the constant demands for more data?​ What do you do when finance, human resources, logistics, and marketing all need different information at the same time? Even with a team of analysts, the high demand for instant, real-time information feels impossible.​​

Fear opportunity loss due to lack of practical data?​ If your business information cannot be accessed or understood, it can quickly become a useless burden. After all, your data is only useful when it can be used to better your organization and improve profit.​

True Extension of Your Team

When you partner with RXA, you are engaging a growth squad that delivers impressive results. Each member only works with a handful of partners at a time so they can stay dedicated and focused. It’s about working together to serve as an extension of your current team to build predictable and sustainable growth.​

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Data Management

The RXA team works to ensure data is properly collected, stored, and integrated with your current architecture.

Cloud Engineering

RXA helps you understand cloud options that best suit your company’s current and future needs.

Data Visualization

RXA builds robust data visualization dashboards that provide actionable, real-time insights into your business.

Data Science

The RXA consulting team utilizes data to its fullest potential by applying best-in-class data science transforms.

RXA works with the leading analytic, data sciences, business intelligence and data stack platforms available today.

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