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RXA Case Study: Outsell – Measuring Program Impact 

The RXA Case Study series seeks to illustrate the types of challenges our customers face, as well as the paths we take to meet their needs....
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How to Hire the Right Data Science Team

Data scientists are in incredibly high demand right now – I searched LinkedIn for Data Scientist positions posted in the past week and returned over 83,000...
Moving Data
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Python x Snowflake Multithreaded Data Upload

Working with SSO and Splitting Large Zip Files  Python allows for fast processing of large datasets. Snowflake is great for data storage and access. But getting 2.1GB compressed (41GB uncompressed)...
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How RXA works: a case study in website tagging

  We love to use this space to talk about our thoughts on data science, but Team RXA is so much more than talk. We’re also...
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An Organized Approach to QA Documentation

QA can be very tedious. If you’ve been at it for a while, you’ve had more than one of those “what did I just do?” moments....
Finding The Story In The Data
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Finding the Story in the Data

While everything we do at RXA we do as a team, a team is by definition a set of individuals who come together for a common...
Machine Learning
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What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning. Business and tech spheres are inundated with this buzzword that is thrown around with the intent of driving forward concepts and ideas, but they...
Adobe Tags Observepoint
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Using ObservePoint for regression testing

The latest and greatest features of a software release are worthless if they break the features of the previous versions. Regression testing is an essential part...
Moving Data
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Python x Snowflake Multithreaded Data Upload

Working with SSO and Splitting Large Zip Files The information available to measure marketing effectiveness and measure the impact of short- and long-term effect of marketing...
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