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RXA @ OneMagnify is focused on attracting,
retaining, and growing the
best minds in applied artificial
intelligence and data science

RXA @ OneMagnify is a leading global applied artificial intelligence and data science company.

RXA @ OneMagnify is a Growth Marketing Technology and leading applied artificial intelligence company founded in 2016 in Ann Arbor, MI. RXA @ OneMagnify has a diverse portfolio of solutions that help companies transform their data to attract, convert, retain, and grow their customer base such as Media Optimization, Voice of Customer Experience, and Customer Lifecycle applications all leveraging RXA @ OneMagnify’s proprietary Growth Marketing Intelligence Platform. In addition, RXA @ OneMagnify is leading AI and BI implementation and consulting firm implementing customized artificial intelligence kick-start programs across 45+ different industries.​​

RXA @ OneMagnify’s solutions have been leveraged by over 450 different customers across North America, Europe, and APAC. RXA @ OneMagnify has been named the Innovative Partner of the Year in 2019 and 2021, 2020 Rising Star, 2020 Application of the Year | Voice of Customer Experience, and 2021 Most Influential Partner of the Year by Domo, Inc.
Jason Harper
Jason Harper

Data Scientist. Storyteller. Guide. Over the past 20 years, Jason has helped usher in the era of big data and analytics we are living in today. Examples of his work can be found in the WSJ, MIT Technology Review and more.

Jonathan Prantner
Jonathan Prantner

Teacher. Innovator. Wizard behind the curtain. Jonathan’s approach to applied mathematics has pushed analytics to the limits for over 2 decades. A celebrated thought-leader and recipient of multiple data science patents.

Tom Stanek
Tom Stanek

Cultivator, Strategist. Motivator. For over the past 2 decades Tom’s business approach and leadership has driven significant growth in multi-billion dollar organizations. Tom’s experiences range across many disciplines such as operations, sales, marketing, business development, and government relations.

Heather Reed
Heather Reed

Orchestrator. Champion. Change Maker. Heather has dedicated her career guiding organizations on how best to connect with their customers and optimize performance. Heather has extensive experience in management consulting, delivery, organizational restructuring, and operations.

Jeff Doak
Jeff Doak

Jeff has been a leader in data analytics and visualization for over 20 years. His skills as a data engineer and developer have helped hundreds of companies find meaningful insights across a variety of digital practices.

Jon Kuznicki
Jon Kuznicki

Jon has spent a number of years managing internal Operations & Financials as well as Project & Account Management. Jon ensures quality delivery by implementing best practices, enforcing repeatable solutions and improving processes.

Mallory Coleman
Mallory Coleman
Senior Director, Business Intelligence

Storyteller. Problem Solver. Relationship Builder. Mallory has spent a number of years as a data analyst, brand strategist, and consultant dedicated to helping clients present data artfully, combining it with stories, pictures, narrative and emotional hooks that people can get excited about.

Jeremy Mcwhorter
Jeremy McWhorter
Manager, Business Intelligence

Meticulous. Innovative. Proactive. Jeremy has been in the Analytics game for over 8 years, primarily in marketing/advertising. Jeremy excels at bringing a spatial touch to marketing analytics, always looking for geospatial relationships and phenomena to answer the pressing business questions in an organization.

Patrick Negron
Patrick Negron
Vice President, Data Strategy

Patrick has over 20 years of experience managing teams, products and working closely with clients to provide real business solutions. His career passion is solving problems and guiding organizations towards making informed data driven decisions.

Aaron Dean
Aaron Dean
Senior Director of Data Strategy

Aaron Dean is RXA's Senior Director of Data Strategy. Since 2013 he has iterated on a collaborative approach that realizes value in process and product. With a BA from Bard College and an MBA from SUNY New Paltz, Aaron combines data science and the liberal arts to create lasting analytical success at your organization.

Dustin Bowden
Dustin Bowden
Senior Director, Data Strategy and Consulting

Dustin has over a decade of experience leading clients in data strategy; removing barriers, finding actionable insights and enabling companies to leverage their data to its fullest. His expertise in retail, e-commerce and marketing analytics combined with his familiarity with multiple platforms has lead to opportunities with some of the largest CPG and branded manufacturers in the world.

Jeff Wilson
Jeff Wilson
Project Manager

Strategic Project Manager. Client Advocate. Problem Solver. Jeff has over a decade of project management experience and brings a holistic approach to collaboration with cross functional teams. His goal is to champion adoption, exceed expectations, and build strong client relationships.

Tatyana Silkina
Tatyana Silkina
Manager, Business Intelligence

Versatile and efficient professional with vast experience in System Administration / Engineering for internal business systems, such as Salesforce, Jira, Clarizen, DOMO (BI tool). Known for employing exceptional analytical, technical, and mathematical skills to improve data management and reporting processes. Expert in identifying and solving problems and adapting to and learning new systems easily. Recognized for positive, can-do attitude and endless curiosity. Responsive, resourceful, and results-focused with high level written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.

Davis Busteed
Davis Busteed
Data Scientist

Davis is a data scientist with a background in data engineering and software development. He has helped dozens of clients implement complex data science applications and resilient data pipelines.

Kevin Phelps
Kevin Phelps
Technical Analyst

Kevin has spent nearly a decade analyzing consumer data, helping build standardized procedures to turn data into actionable insights for some of the biggest names in the mortgage and automotive industry.

Anna Schultz Bw
Anna Schultz
Marketing Manager

A BBA graduate from the Ross School of Business, Anna has spent her career in marketing and analytics at RXA. She takes pride in building marketing strategies and materials that blend unique design with useful and direct communication. In analytics, she has worked with companies from a wide variety of industries to collect, transform and visualize their data to deliver actionable insights throughout the company.

Cosmo Derose Circle
Cosmo DeRose
Director, Business Intelligence

Architect, Designer, Code Poet, Problem Solver Extraordinaire. Cosmo has over 25 years of experience building technical solutions that help organizations maximize productivity by providing sound analytics to successfully guide them forward.

Michael Dery
Michael Dery
Director of Sales and Business Development

Passionate, Driven, Collaborative. With RXA, Michael has helped 100’s of clients from every industry find the right the data-driven solution to meet their business needs. Always striving to transform customer ideas into production-ready solutions.

Giacomo Genovese
Giacomo Genovese
Senior Vice President, Business Intelligence Consulting

Giacomo has over 20 years of experience in Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Data Engineering. He is a hands-on data leader with excellent track record of solving difficult technical problems in diverse industries. Giacomo is passionate about data and working with others to find solutions to problems that provide better insights or reduce time in decision making.

Don Cambria
Don Cambria
Senior Manager, Business Intelligence

Don has been humbly leading the client journey from raw data to a place of wisdom and insight for about 2 decades now. Delivering quality results in an unexpected fashion, with a fresh perspective that transcends mere "business intelligence," Don will get you thinking differently about your data and beyond.

Dakota Crisp Bw
Dakota Crisp
Manager, Data Science

Analyzer. Creator. Problem Solver. Dakota is a neural engineering PhD that left academia to do what he enjoys most: playing with data.

Katie Baker Bw
Katie Baker
Project Manager

Strategic communicator. Creative Project Manager. Thought partner. Weaving her backgrounds in corporate communication, change management, and project management, Katie strives to provide clients the best experience.

Justin Leopold
Justin Leopold
Vice President of Customer Experience

Justin is an accomplished customer experience professional with over a decade of experience leading cross-functional delivery teams of technology, analytics, and data science projects. His professional gratification comes from successfully navigating complex undertakings and building trusting relationships with all collaborators.

Jess Brown Bw
Jess Brown
Senior Data Scientist

With a BS from the University of Michigan, Jess brings creative solutions to any problem. Her background in computer science introduces a focus of bringing models to life through unique implementation strategies.

Andrea De Klerk
Andrea de Klerk
Project Manager

Andrea is a dynamic project manager with diverse experience leading high-performing teams, delivering complex technology projects. She’s a PMI certified project risk management professional, focused on performance/process improvement and thrives on enhancing the customer’s experience.

David Tsoi Bw
David Tsoi
Senior Analyst, Business Intelligence

Driven, resourceful, and highly skilled in actioning data to drive insights. Experienced in Data Analytics, business intelligence, and visualization. Passionate about helping companies solves complex problems using data driven decisions.

Jack Claucherty Bw
Jack Claucherty
Senior Data Scientist

Jack is a data scientist with a BS and MSE in Industrial Engineering from the University of Michigan. His background as an industrial engineer helps him understand complex systems and he loves helping his clients find value in their data and the models we create.

Justin Culpepper
Justin Culpepper
Senior Analyst, Business Intelligence

Annoyance automator, bandwidth booster, card creator, dashboard distributor. With a passion for analytics and visualization, Justin is driven to provide custom solutions that bring key insights to any business.

Amber Mendoza Website
Amber Mendoza
Manager, Business Intelligence

An experienced business intelligence professional with a demonstrated history of business strategy and operations improvements, business intelligence, data integrity and a strong data storytelling background. Amber’s main drive is to utilize her motivation and data analytical skills to help create solutions to a company’s challenges and assist with creating best standard operating practices.

Katia D Sausys
Katia Sausys
Senior Vice President, Business Intelligence

Committed, creative and empathetic marketing analytics professional. Experienced building financially impactful and constantly optimized lead generation, acquisition, and retention programs across all digital channels in a global team setting. Specialized in measurement strategy, digital quantitative and qualitative research, analytics, performance measurement, optimization/testing, test strategy, data intelligence/reporting, consumer insight, online surveys, and usability studies.

Dustin Heathers Website
Dustin Heathers
Director, Business Intelligence

Dustin has spent over half a decade implementing and leveraging BI throughout different industries and verticals. With experience in healthcare, research, marketing leadership, QA, and software development, Dustin applies a deeper perspective when solving process issues and problems.

Devin Wolever Headshot
Devin Wolever
Sales Development Representative

Optimistic, personable, and passionate. Devin comes out of the sport business industry and is passionate about connecting businesses with data-based solutions that advance the effectiveness and potential of an organization across all sectors. Resourceful about determining areas of collaboration and helpful in curating meaningful relationships.

Caroline Dinser Headshot
Caroline Dinser
Office Manager

Optimistic. Determined. Kind. Caroline comes from a diverse background, including business ownership, office management, and accounting in various industries. Throughout her career, she has fostered positive work environments by being resourceful, responsive, and approachable to her coworkers.

Brett Weimer Headshot
Brett Weimer
Account Executive

Brett is a seasoned Account Executive with 16 years of experience leading sales initiatives at diverse corporations. He is a reliable relationship builder committed to bringing the highest quality products to prospective clients.

Cate Spader Website
Cate Spader
Project Manager

Adaptable, empathetic, and intuitive problem solver. Her passion for helping individuals and businesses make data-informed decisions allows Cate to develop cooperative, long-lasting solutions.

Jenna King Website
Jenna King
Data Scientist

With a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science and a MS in Data Science, Jenna leverages statistical rigor and computational efficacy to provide long-lasting value to her clients. From quantitative research planning to algorithmic learning, she's a welcome asset to any project.

Danielle Barnes Headshot
Danielle Barnes
Director of Data Science

Danielle is an accomplished analytics leader with extensive experience across the entire data lifecycle. Her work directing enterprise analytics initiatives for companies across various industries has made her a powerhouse for realizing visions in complex environments. She is a Spartan Superfan with a BA in Mathematics, MS in Statistics, and currently pursuing a PhD in Data Science, all from Michigan State University.

Chelsea Beck Website
Chelsea Beck
Senior Manager, Business Intelligence

Chelsea has a number of years of experience in data warehousing, data analysis, and data visualization. Her background in creative marketing and professional writing makes her uniquely situated to pull stories out of data and close the gap between information and insight. Chelsea is passionate about creating visualizations that help clients derive value from their data.

Emily Brehmer Website
Emily Brehmer
Data Scientist

Emily Brehmer is a Data Scientist with a background in software development, a BS in Computer Science, and a Data Science Certification. Her intuitive insight in data analysis, passion for architecting computational solutions, and love for algorithms make her a great asset to the team.

Eli Gripp Headshot
Eli Gripp
Business Intelligence Consultant

Eli is a Business Intelligence Consultant with a background in data science and data analytics. Prior to joining RXA, Eli has worked in investments and human resources. This broad range of experience has made him an analytical thinker passionate about making smart, data-driven decisions to exceed client expectations.

Dom Manna Website
Domenico Manna
Software Engineer

With a B.S in Computer Science, Domenico is passionate about software development. He especially enjoys the process of creating useful and intuitive applications that deliver value to its users. He also finds a lot of satisfaction in making processes more efficient through automating manual tasks.

Mackenzie Ritzema Headshot
Mackenzie Ritzema
Recruitment Manager

Highly ambitious, energetic and strategic Recruiter with a BS from the University of Michigan. Mackenzie has spent her career as an accomplished recruiter and has a background in sales and customer service. She has a passion for building relationships and understanding the needs of her clients and candidates. She sees every obstacle as an opportunity for growth and thrives on new challenges!

Zac Nolan Website
Zac Nolan
Manager, Business Intelligence

Zac is a Business Intelligence Manager with a BS in Statistics and Actuarial Science. Through previous experience as a statistics tutor, he has learned how to make data relatable to people in many different situations. Additional experience in insurance brokerage gives Zac the ability to understand client needs and provide out-of-the-box solutions for each case, because the world is not “One Size Fits All”.

Mikayla Penna Headshot
Mikayla Penna
Sales Account Executive

Agile. Empathetic. Results Driven. Mikayla's background is in SaaS, CPG and Hospitality. Her past experience includes sales, sales leadership and developing GTM strategy across multiple industries. With expertise in building new brands and growing customer loyalty and retention. She is skilled at analyzing industry trends, to ensure customers long and short-term goals. She values her ability to provide a bespoke approach to the sales experience.

Jason Altenburg Headshot
Jason Altenburg
Senior Manager, Business Intelligence

Jason is a seasoned professional with years of experience implementing Business Intelligence solutions at an Enterprise level. He was selected as one of the first participants in Domo's prestigious Domo Sensei program, and is a proud member of both the Data Management Association and the International Institute of Business Analysis. Jason is passionate about the art of data storytelling and visualization, and firmly believes in the power of data to inform and empower people. He is dedicated to putting data to work in order to create meaningful insights and drive business success.

Tom Whipple Website
Tom Whipple
Senior Manager, Business Intelligence

Tom is a driven BI leader with a decade of experience creating analytical solutions for companies of every size. His teams have produced industry-recognized products and solutions that have made an impact on hundreds of clients. He enjoys collaborating, strategizing and innovating to produce the best results for the user.

Chris Brogan Website
Chris Brogan
Senior Vice President, Data Science

At RXA, Chris Brogan has helped clients, both large and small, drive value through Domo. Prior to RXA, he created and built the Marketing Science & Strategy departments at two Fortune 300 companies. Other work includes managing data collection for the CDC's National Immunization Survey, building the exit poll operation as an NBC employee for Voter New Service and building data collection methods and analytic models for Waste Management to safely dispose of landfill gas and leachate.

Jessica Parks Headshot
Jessica Parks
Data Scientist

Enthusiastic. Proactive. Curious. A former math and science teacher turned data scientist. Jessica leverages her passion for communication and complex problems to help clients develop solutions. She has a knack for breaking down the big picture into attainable tasks.

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