Domo State Of Mind Pt 1

Domo’s flexibility can be daunting. The business cloud platform integrates thousands of sources of data, offers unparalleled and accessible data transformation, and gives users the ability to tell compelling stories about every facet of their business.  With so many avenues of exploration, users often ask themselves, “How can I get my implementation off to the best start?”  Through my work as a Domo consulting partner, I have found that asking the right questions of your audience is the most useful method to drive value through insights, decisions, and feedback in your Domo implementation. 

Who is the audience now? Getting simple, efficient, and informed. 

Answering the question, “Who is the audience?” isn’t always easy. Is it a department, person, project, or acquisition that’s driving Domo’s implementation? Knowing who is using Domo and what their foci are will greatly inform what content is produced and prioritized, but also how the culture around Domo will be formulated. Working closely with the main audience will allow for quick wins in the implementation, beginning the transformation towards a data-driven culture and setting you up for success. 

What are they prioritizing?  

With individual responsibilities, our areas of expertise, and our unique curiosities – having alignment across individuals within an organization can be a challenge. Domo, with proper preparation, can provide users with their foundational needs first. Afterward, finding consensus on further areas of value becomes easier. Start with what individuals *need* to get the job done, then invite them to see themselves in what comes next.  

What does your current Analytics Lifecycle look like? 

Our audience has been provided with the data they need, but are they truly prepared to make decisions based on the data? What is the expectation here? Having a frank discussion about your organization’s analytics lifecycle is a great way to determine where Domo can support action, but also highlight areas for structure and improvement with Domo’s help. 

How do my decisions affect others? 

One of the most powerful uses of Domo I see is when different departments start to understand their interdependencies with each other. For example, when the Purchasing team can see how Sales affect their flow of business, the basis of a dialogue, informed by data, is created. Having shared KPIs across departments can help drive awareness, promote critical thinking, and facilitate collaboration. 

Defining your Domo Data Culture

With a simple approach to addressing people’s data needs, Domo can create the bedrock of an organization that uses data to make decisions. By better understanding users, their needs, and their place within the organization, Domo can prepare your organization for larger collaboration and unlock a data-driven culture for all. 

About RXA

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