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Partnering with RXA’s analytics experts delivers fast and impressive results. We work as an extension of your team, building predictable, sustainable growth and adoption of your analytics solutions across all platforms.

Certified Consultants, Immediate Turnaround


We work with companies of all sizes, from local car dealerships to global pharmaceutical companies, from small datasets to billions of rows of big data.

When you partner with RXA @ OneMagnify, you are engaging a growth squad that delivers impressive results. Each member only works with a handful of partners at a time so they can stay dedicated and focused. It’s about working together to serve as an extension of your current team to build predictable and sustainable growth. We are versed in building or augmenting the analytics practices at any business, on whichever platform you prefer.

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    Advanced Analytics
    Optimize your business processes with prescriptive and predictive analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial Intelligence
    Build machine learning and other AI-based models to streamline data capabilities
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    Business Insights
    Understand your data and visualizations to make real, impactful business decisions

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RXA has analytics consulting experience with most BI platforms. From ETL, SQL, AutoML, and Data Science work, to visualization and dashboard builds, to training and governance, RXA can help with every aspect of your analytics implementation.

RXA’s team of consultants have thousands of hours of collective consulting experience. We know data and we rise to the challenge every time.

Hear from our customers:

“As our organization continues to grow, the need for better data analytics has never been clearer. Over the past two years RXA has provided outstanding support to our organization, helping us to analyze our business data needs, capture data from our existing systems through automation, transform that data to develop powerful visualizations helping our business leaders to make the best evidence-based decisions they can in real time. The RXA team is great to work with, their customer service is exceptional, with their guidance we have seen an excellent return on our investment.” – Alex Walker, Chief Information Officer / Security Officer at Crossroads of Western Iowa

RXA’s Analytics consulting process includes time for discovery, planning, assessment, and implementation to deliver real value to your organization as quickly as possible. Our average engagement displays valuable insights in 4.5 weeks or less.

RXA’s consultants understand that data activation is a universal business need with our Analytics solutions applied to over 45 different industries.

Data Governance

Through our data governance engagements, RXA provides high quality data organized within your BI platform. Our team builds reporting and provides training in the following governance areas.
  • Data Asset
    Data Asset Management
    Gain comprehensive reporting on datasets, dataflows, security roles, and other instance factors to better understand and utilize your data assets.
  • Data Anatomy
    Data Anatomy
    Understand data lineage, data architecture, and data types powering your assets. With RXA’s reporting, you will know how data is connected and use it confidently.
  • Maintenance
    Learn strategies to proactively manage your instance and ensure continued integrity of data, assets, users, and more.

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