What makes a Domo Instance successful? While there are many ways to drive success, having a competent, capable, and curious Major Domo can make all the difference in realizing Domo’s value to your business. They need experience in data governance, data principles, business activities, and soft skills (problem solving, analytical thinking, teaching) to really succeed. With the value they provide, and the skills required, finding the right Major Domo for your business can be a challenge too. This article will identify some of the important skills needed, where/how to find Major Domos, and why they are valuable. 

Skills to Consider in a Major Domo 

Data Governance 

Data Governance. Few words inspire nap time as strongly. However, the Domo team understands the importance of governance and has created assets specifically for this purpose. Awareness and clever usage of Domo’s Governance Datasets (and DomoStats) can facilitate transparency, consistency of naming conventions, and keep your instance free of clutter. Knowing how to achieve something in Domo is great, but if a mess is made in the process, it can end up creating a lot of extra work. Ask your potential interviewees about their methods of governance to ensure they align with your Domo goals. 

Data Principles and Business Knowledge 

Knowing a few principles of data can supercharge an instance. Granularity and Dimensionality is one I run into frequently. The “Grain” of the data is what the row of data represents, to what level of detail. The dimensionality of the dataset references what context or relationships of these details are. For example, a row might contain a product that was sold on a given date, to a given customer. Having a Major Domo who understands your business nuances and can communicate these details between technical and non-technical audiences will facilitate the curation of powerful datasets that are accessible to more users. 

Soft Skills 

While technical skills are important in a Major Domo, there are softer skills that will really drive success at your company. A successful Major Domo should be able to ask thoughtful questions, seek answers, and provide follow-up to their users, creating a positive feedback loop that ensures everyone wins in the implementation. What’s more, a Major Domo needs to *listen*, taking feedback, while also offering suggestions based on their expertise. They need to be able to explain their decisions and act as a mentor to other members of the team. There are aspects of cultural change that occur as a byproduct of a successful Domo implementation that can make or break wide-spread adoption. 

Finding the Right Major Domo 

Finding a competent Major Domo can be a huge challenge because they are in limited supply and in high demand. While LinkedIn might yield many users in the field, there are some clever places to find them. Firstly, check out Domo and data forums for users who frequently respond to posts – those that frequently take the time to help others can demonstrate their knowledge easily and come with a lot of experience. Another option is to hire within! Finding a business expert that wants to learn can be a powerful event – there are plenty of training options (see our other article here).  

The value of a Major Domo is in their ability to serve and promote curiosity in your organization. By streamlining the process, bringing best practices, and encouraging cultural change, they can help realize the value your data has across an organization by making critical thinking easier and driving action. Lastly, RXA offers managed Major Domo services, so we can help fill the gap and realize the value of Domo while you find the perfect fit for your organization. 

About RXA 

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