Automotive & manufacturing

Connect With the Consumer Like Never Before.

RXA @ OneMagnify has worked with automotive and OEM suppliers on a variety of projects to facilitate a deep connection with the consumer. ​

Industry Solutions

Monitor Product Quality

Monitor Product

Automatically parse through millions of online comments and reviews to quickly identify potential product defects​.

Customer Touchpoint

Analyze Each
Consumer Touchpoint​

Understand media spend and leverage all internal, external, online, and offline data to understand each touchpoint’s attribution to the bottom line​.



Create dashboards that act as the single source of truth for performance and KPI reporting to better understand business performance​.

Automotive & Manufacturing Case Studies

Media Optimization

Media Optimization

  • Optimized media mix for same media budget yields 28% average increased leads per dealer per month​
  • Optimized media mix for upper quartile media budgets yields 50%+ average increased leads per dealer per month


Largest volume automotive brand sells through thousands of independently-owned dealerships. Harness, analyze, optimize and align allocation of media mix of both co-op and independent channel partner budget for maximum ROI benefit of all at same media spend.


RXA’s GMI Platform leverages OEM sales data, dealership CRM data, offline and online campaign data to develop unique multi-level approach to attribution. This resulted in greater ROI on recommended media mix spend across each of 3000 dealers. Dashboards for dealership media manager display optimal media mix vs. prior with anticipated results for growth in leads, sales, gross profit. Dealer can model his/her own supplemental media mix adjustments, with adjusted anticipated results.​

Voice Of Customer

Voice of Customer

  • Increased processing rates of over 25%


A Tier 1 Automotive supplier was the source of a major industry recall across several automotive OEMs needed a near real-time, clear view of how to best optimize and manage consumers communications.


RXA partnered with the customer’s Growth Marketing Agency to process over 10M customer communications to enable real-time customer scoring and segmentation models that recommend “next best action” solutions across email, direct mail, social media, phone and in person customer communications.

Ai Bi Consulting Services

AI / BI Consulting Services

  • Improved understanding of customers​
  • Enhanced consumer communication leading to better customer service and sales increase​


The 49 websites managed by the customer operated with independent and non-standardized analytics. This environment did not provide a centralized, actionable and aggregated view of customer activity.​


The RXA solutions team worked with the customer’s business team to identify business critical KPIs and engineered and deploy a global tagging solution to automate and unify web analytics for a wholistic, single-source-of-truth and near-real time view of their customer’s shopping activity.​

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