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RXA makes Domo better.

RXA Machine Learning in Domo

RXA is a Domo-certified agency partner, providing off-the-shelf and custom machine learning applications for Domo, Apps via the Domo app store and custom Domo apps, all supported by industry-leading Domo consulting.

The RXA machine learning platform connects directly to Domo, enabling advanced machine learning and deep learning algorithms to unlock your data's full potential. RXA also provides advanced predictive analytics solutions built entirely inside Domo, enabling access to machine learning while keeping your data inside Domo.

The RXA Domo Process

Our process builds upon the 4D process laid out by Domo. It begins with an understanding of who the managers are, what their objectives are, what decisions they are making and when they need to make them. Once this is understood we move quickly into planning and implementation. Implementation is an iterative process done in concert with the key stakeholders. Once live we work to ensure adoption through use, and foster knowledge transfer of the tools, processes, and algorithms in place, instilling confidence in the decisions made based on the RXA platform. We provide robust documentation as well as world-class project management.


Team introduction
Needs assessment
Initial data survey

Analytics Plan

Objective setting
Metric definitions
Reporting cadence


Model connection
Testing and validation


Knowledge transfer
Client support



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