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Optimize Business
Operations and Stakeholder Relationships​.

RXA @ OneMagnify has worked with healthcare companies, including hospitals and pharma, on a variety of projects to optimize their businesses operations and stakeholder relationships.​

Industry Solutions



Create dashboards that act as the single source of truth for performance and KPI reporting to better understand business performance​.

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Optimize Store

Build accurate forecasts to better plan for the future in terms of customer or patient demand, employee activity, sales efforts, and more.​

Customer Lifecycle

Manage the Consumer
(or Patient) Lifecycle​

Understand consumer or patient behavior in order to most efficiently reach the right people at the right time​.

Healthcare Case studies

Hearlthcare Ai + Bi Consulting Hero

AI & BI Consulting


A hospital network in a major metropolitan area operated in a regulatory environment that mandated a minimum 1:4 nurse-to-patient ratio. However, it was very costly for the hospital to maintain this ratio due to the inability to predict patient intakes and needs.​


The hospital engaged RXA to leverage their applied AI based Workforce Optimization+ solution. RXA’s WFO+ used all available data (internal and external) to predict patient intakes, staff call-offs, etc. The model was able to maximize cost efficiencies by reducing patient wait times by 20% while still meeting the mandated ratios.​

Marketing Optimization

Marketing Optimization

How an international pharmaceutical company improved lead acquisition

  • 15% year over year growth compared to
    market growth of 3% year over year.

A pharmaceutical company was experiencing less-than-ideal market growth and wanted to revamp their marketing efforts. RXA’s Media Mix Modeling and Lead Scoring product was engaged to determine which marketing efforts led to successful pharmaceutical sales based on market (i.e., country).​

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