Unlock the Power of
Data-Driven Operations​.

RXA @ OneMagnify has worked with companies in the financial industry on a variety of projects to utilize their data to the fullest potential.

Industry Solutions



Create dashboards that act as the single source of truth for performance and KPI reporting to better understand business performance​.

Customer Lifecycle

Efficiently Reach
the Consumer​

Improve marketing spend effectiveness, identify new media channels, and quickly diagnose consumer sentiment​.

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Optimize Business

Build accurate forecasts to better understand consumer behavior and inform the best action to take next on an individual basis​.

Financial Case Studies

Rmf Overview

Media Optimization

  • 90% increase in performance
    of incremental media spend​
  • Identified additional channel clusters
    with lower cost and bigger impact​

Reverse Mortgage Funding was looking to improve marketing spend effectiveness. RXA’s Media Optimization team developed a Marketing Mix Model (MMM) to determine the impact of media spend on revenue and the interdependencies of media channels. ​

Collection Management Hero

ETL & AI / BI Consulting

How a collections agency cowrote the patent to a new product​

  • White labeled product​
  • Cowrote a patent​
  • New revenue stream

A collection agency needed an automated way to pull information about an individual and determine the next best action in the collections process. RXA’s AI Consulting team worked with the company to build a custom product to service their needs. The backend software automatically connects to data via an API, analyzes data points with a customized machine learning algorithm, and outputs next best steps for that individual. The software was productized with a best-in-class front end user experience that the company can now sell to their members.​

Debt Settlement Hero

AI / BI Consulting

How GRT Financial leveraged AI to create accurate forecasts​

  • Customized forecasting
    solution developed​
  • 3-times better forecasting results
    that continue to improve​

GRT Financial leveraged RXA’s AI Kickstart Solution to develop and deploy a custom data science tool to predict client repayment of debt. The tool lead significant revenue growth via an expanded portfolio with AI/ML forecasting allowing them to mitigate risk.​

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