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Leverage Applied AI to turn up your media investments

Ensure Every Dollar Spent on Marketing and
Advertising Earns the Most Returns for Your Business.


By combining techniques and analyses such as multi-touch attribution, media mix modeling, and lead scoring, RXA can provide you an all-in-one solution for measuring and optimizing your media.​

RXA @ OneMagnify’s Media Optimization is unlike any solution on the market. Analyzing all aspects of media spend, placement, channels, and more it allows you to understand the return you are receiving from every dollar spent. RXA @ OneMagnify’s Media Optimization powers up your scenario planning and forecasting based on sales achieved from your media efforts.​

Tools Needed To Optimize

Watch Your Expectations Get Blown Away.​

  • Multi Touch Attribution (2)
    Multi-Touch Attribution

    Identifying incremental impact of media spends enables you to do more with every dollar spent. RXA @ OneMagnify ’s applied AI models understand the interdependencies of media channels and which channels drive results best at what times within each and multiple campaigns​ while providing the data you need to quickly support shifts in strategy and budget allocations.​

  • Media Mix Model
    Media Mix Model

    The RXA platform determines optimal media spend levels as well as media mix for all campaigns. RXA @ OneMagnify utilizes both MARS and feedforward artificial neural network (ANN) models to predict the best media mix.

  • Lead Scoring (1)
    Lead Scoring

    From qualified leads to purchases, RXA @ OneMagnify will measure and optimize your full funnel to increase conversion rates and focus sales efforts. ​RXA @ OneMagnify will assign a value (or score) to a lead (or sales opportunity) to determine the likelihood of a successful conversion and the estimated value associated with the expected transaction. The concept incorporates behaviors of the lead prior to directly contacting the selling company, including brand engagement and website views.​​

    ​​Estimated transaction value and lead characteristics, such as geography, budget, timeline, and overall need are also considered. The higher the lead score, the higher chance the lead will make a significant purchase in the short term, the higher the priority of the contact management tasks associated with the lead.

Third-Party Cookies Won’t be Around Much Longer.
What’s Your Plan?


With privacy and user protection in the spotlight, web browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome are phasing out third-party cookies. When these cookies are finally blocked, the current sphere of digital advertising analytics will be forever changed.

However, we can use the external ad tracking data we currently have, coupled with new analyses, to build predictive models and make informed decisions
for years to come.

Third Party Cookies

RXA @ OneMagnify Can Help You Prepare For The Loss of Cookies

Gather Third 1
Gather third-party insights now
If you planned to use external third-party data in your long-term marketing strategy, now is the time to create MTA models and glean insights while the data is still available. RXA @ OneMagnify helps our customers build models that determine the impact of each touchpoint on the consumer journey, including third-party data insights, and we can do it quickly before they are gone for good.
Focus Attribute
Focus attribution on site-side activities
Site-side MTA evaluates the impact of each aspect of the brand’s website on the likelihood of purchasing. Through their behavior, consumers are constantly providing brands with feedback and a true measure of their intentions. RXA @ OneMagnify builds models that view each consumer’s actions as an indication of purchase intent that can be used to quantify the value of a visit and serve as the basis for attribution.
Optimize Digital
Optimize digital media in line with traditional media
As the industry shifts away from trackable cookies, the impact of media execution on sales can be captured by a traditional media mix analysis. RXA @ OneMagnify’s media spend-based models enable not only a historic analysis, but also utilize the relationships uncovered in the models to produce ongoing reporting, ROI, and optimization opportunities.

With prepared third-party data insights, extensive site-side tracking, and traditional media mix analysis, we will still be able to understand media performance and optimization after the third-party cookie. Contact us today to build and implement your plan with RXA @ OneMagnify’s experienced Media Optimization team.

What Sets Us Apart?

Applied Ai
Applied AI Media Optimization
The most comprehensive media optimization solution in the market combining multi-touch attribution, media mix modeling, next best action, and website analytics​.
Real Time
Real Time Support
RXA @ OneMagnify offers 24/7 technical support and automated alerts to ensure your data needs are covered.
Continuous Optimization
We monitor and customize our algorithms to adapt to the ever-changing media landscape.
Data Visualization
Data Visualization
The best and most flexible data visualization capabilities available. RXA easily builds your current tracking metrics into the Media Optimization program so you have one place to reference all of your KPIs.

Case Studies

Pharma 293953008 P 1080 1024x684

How an international pharmaceutical company improved lead acquisition

15%year over year growth compared to market growth of

3%year over year.

A pharmaceutical company was experiencing less-than-ideal market growth and wanted to revamp their marketing efforts. RXA’s Media Mix Modeling and Lead Scoring product was engaged to determine which marketing efforts led to successful pharmaceutical sales based on market (i.e. country).​

Dealership 261238343 P 1080 1024x683

Automotive / Dealer Operations

28%Optimized media mix for same media budget yields 28% average increased leads per dealer per month​

50%+Optimized media mix for upper quartile media budgets yields 50%+ average increased leads per dealer per month ​


Largest volume automotive brand sells through thousands of independently-owned dealerships. Harness, analyze, optimize and align allocation of media mix of both co-op and independent channel partner budget for maximum ROI benefit of all at same media spend.


RXA’s GMI Platform leverages OEM sales data, dealership CRM data, offline and online campaign data to develop unique multi-level approach to attribution. This resulted in greater ROI on recommended media mix spend across each of 3000 dealers. Dashboards for dealership media manager display optimal media mix vs. prior with anticipated results for growth in leads, sales, gross profit. Dealer can model his/her own supplemental media mix adjustments, with adjusted anticipated results.​

Logo Rmf P 500

Reverse Mortgage Lender

90%increase in performance of incremental media spend​

Identified additional channel clusters with lower cost and bigger impact​

Reverse Mortgage Funding was looking to improve marketing spend effectiveness. RXA’s Media Optimization team developed a Marketing Mix Model (MMM) to determine the impact of media spend on revenue and the interdependencies of media channels. ​

Rmf Media Optimization Dashboard P 500 300x266

Dealership 261238343 P 1080 1024x683

Independent Dealerships

17%increase in profit​

$0added to media spend​

28%of media spend reallocated​

RXA conducted an analysis of marketing spend to determine actual return on investment by individual digital marketing channels from over 300 dealerships with over $70M in annual media spend. Utilizing a Multi-touch Attribution approach on 3.5M consumer touchpoints, the output demonstrated true incremental impact on sales and service orders, by channel, from media spending. One dealership identified:​

The RXA Media Optimization Advantage

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