We hear it all the time while working as Domo consultants. Why does my company need a MajorDomo? We only have a couple projects going. We let each each department handle their use of Domo. Our company just makes content as we need it. We have a team of employees who know Domo well.

Part of our job as a Domo consulting partner is to set our clients up for success after our engagement ends, which is why RXA always recommends that our Domo clients have an appointed and dedicated MajorDomo, no matter their situation. Keep reading to find out why a MajorDomo is integral to your success with Domo!

What is a MajorDomo?

A MajorDomo is a dedicated internal Domo expert who knows your specific Domo instance and the platform inside and out. Having a MajorDomo ensures that your Domo instance is running smoothly and efficiently. MajorDomos streamline the setup and maintenance of your Domo instance, and provide valuable insight into how your company is using Domo. They help promote collaborate, train new employees on the system, and troubleshoot issues efficiently.

A MajorDomo can help with the initial setup of your Domo instance.

A MajorDomo provides a number of enticing benefits when setting up a Domo instance. If you can hire someone onto your team that has experience with Domo, the benefits are astronomical. This person already understands best practices, streamlining the setup process and ensuring minimal configuration changes are needed down the road.

If you can’t hire someone that already has Domo experience, appoint a MajorDomo from your current team. This person should be excited about Domo – excited to learn best practices, dive into capabilities, and identify how Domo can best help your organization. Not only will a dedicated resource make the setup much more timely, they will have a deep understanding of your instance for future changes and maintenance needs.

They can help maintain the instance through data governance practices.

A MajorDomo brings essential knowledge on the successful management and maintenance of a Domo instance. Data governance is a major benefit of having a MajorDomo. They provide guidance to ensure that key principles, such as quality control and data accuracy, are strictly adhered to and set standards to ensure regulatory compliance. A MajorDomo can also perform reviews of the instance to check important practices like branding and naming conventions. Additionally, they can help with metadata oversight, catalog management, and providing user access levels so only necessary personnel or departments can have access to sensitive data.

Furthermore, a knowledgeable MajorDomo can monitor changes in custom fields throughout your system, tracking any alterations made by employees and ensuring that the data stays organized. Ultimately, their expertise allows you to take full advantage of Domo’s features in ways that would otherwise require significant time investment and personnel resources for proper implementation. With clear-cut standards set by a MajorDomo, navigating your system becomes easier and more intuitive than ever before – resulting in cost savings for both money and time spent deploying them.

A MajorDomo can provide valuable insights into how your company is using Domo.

When implementing or maintaining a Domo instance for your company, a MajorDomo can be an invaluable source of insights. Because a MajorDomo is specifically designated to monitor usage of Domo, they can provide valuable information about how your company’s data is managed within the platform. The MajorDomo can manage data about user activity and engagement, allowing you to track which teams are building in or using Domo the most.

MajorDomos are also a great resource for cross-team collaboration. Because they have an understanding of the different projects being built and used in Domo, your MajorDomo can spot areas for collaboration between different departments or teams. With an in-depth understanding of your organization’s usage of Domo, a MajorDomo allows you to make proactive decisions regarding upgrades or optimizations. Appointing an individual as MajorDomo helps ensure that your business is getting maximum value.

They can help train employees.

By utilizing a MajorDomo, employees receive the correct training and resources to use Domo effectively. They are well-versed in Domo and act as an additional support resource, allowing them to provide tailored guidance based on the individual needs of each employee. Because your MajorDomo knows the conventions and setup of your instance, they ensure that each new user has thorough training on general best practices and instance-specific requirements.

MajorDomos also act as the main point of contact for internal teams about Domo. When employees have questions about a feature or content, they have a clear resource to approach for resolution. Additional advantages of using a MajorDomo include access to best practices, enhanced collaboration between teams, proactive problem solving, and improved communication regarding any new features or updates released by Domo. Therefore, having a MajorDomo can help companies ensure their workforce is leveraging Domo in the most efficient way possible.

A MajorDomo can help with troubleshooting any issues that arise with your Domo instance.

Because of their in-depth knowledge of your Domo instance, a MajorDomo helps speed up the process of troubleshooting issues that arise, saving valuable time and effort. Not only can they help quickly pinpoint the source of issues, but they can also provide a range of expertise and assistance in resolving them. Furthermore, they’re able to communicate effectively between teams, allowing them to track every step of the troubleshooting process, as well as any recommendations or changes made. With a MajorDomo, businesses can rest assured that their Domo instance is continually running smoothly. This benefit translates into cost savings for the company through reducing downtime periods and potential missed opportunities. Overall, hiring or appointing a MajorDomo for your Domo instance can be one of the wisest decisions you make for your company’s success in the long run.

As you can see, there are many benefits to having a MajorDomo when implementing or maintaining a Domo instance for your company. If you need help finding a MajorDomo, contact us and we would be happy to get you started!

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