Unlock the value in your data faster with RXA @ OneMagnify.

RXA @ OneMagnify provides project-based consulting, staff augmentation and direct hire staffing services. Our Domo Consulting and BI consulting teams are ready to help you develop and deploy your analytics roadmap today.

Professional services for data science, data engineering and business intelligence. RXA is the Domo partner of the Year.

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Project-Based Consulting Solutions

  • Ai Machine Learning 1 01
    Data Science
    Continuously learn with data science techniques to improve business outcomes, increase customer acquisitions, and maximize revenue
  • Data Integration 01
    Data Engineering
    Build, manage, integrate, and optimize your databases to ensure data is accessible when you need it
  • Bi Analytics 01
    Business Intelligence
    Conduct analysis, create interactive visualizations, and understand, tell, and share real-time stories about your business

Consulting Services
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Data Science Staffing Solutions


Expand Your Data Science Team

Get fully qualified RXA data science experts to join your team without the hassle of hiring in-house. Data Science Staff Augmentation is an alternative to in-house hiring and consulting engagements. RXA fills the exact position for the exact amount of time needed.

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Leverage RXA’s deep data science roots to identify, vet, and place the most capable data scientists on your team. RXA’s Data Science Talent Placement services leverage RXA’s deep data science, applied AI, and ML roots to source talent for companies looking to hire Data Scientists.

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Growth Marketing Intelligence Platform

Machine Learning

The system is built to power machine learning and optimize marketing to attract, convert, retain and grow your customers efficiently at scale.

Customer Data Warehouse

All the key features of a Customer Data Platform: Unified, persistent customer database accessible to other systems.
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Business Intelligence

Data warehouse purpose built for business intelligence and data visualization. Onboard any business performance data, and analyze and visualize your entire business operations, rooted in your customers. A single source of truth to manage your business.

Over 740 Satisfied
Customers Worldwide

Douglas Kramon Espn
Douglas Kramon / ESPN
Sr. Director of Customer Operations & Fan Support
Mindforge Personnel
Stokes McIntyre / MindForge
Adrienne Mansfield / The Adage Marketing Group
Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer
Southwestern Consulting Personnel
Sara Hodges / Southwestern Consulting
Operations and Technology Manager | Partner
Alex Walker / Crossroads of Western Iowa
Chief Information Officer / Security Officer
Matt Killian / Christian Brothers Automotive
Director of Business Insights

Why Our Customers Choose RXA

Supplier leveraged RXA’s Voice of Customer Experience​
Response Time
98% response time improvement
Recall Cost
Proactive identification of a quality issue minimized brand damage and avoided $100’s of millions in recall cost
Leveraged RXA’s Customer Lifecycle and Voice of Customer Experience​
Captured +$250,000 in revenue opportunity / store by converting data into a more clear view of customer behavior
Leveraged RXA’s Media Optimization​
+90% performance of incremental media spend
Recall Cost
Optimized over
$20M in sales
Leveraged RXA’s Voice of Customer Experience​
+9% Customer Satisfaction
+176% increase in
streaming subscribers
Leveraged RXA’s Customer Lifecycle and Media Optimization​
Improved media ROI by more than +40% with $0 additional spend
Increased lead acquisition
by over 30%
Leveraged RXA’s Media Optimization​
For over 3,000 Dealerships​
Pie Chart
Reallocated 28%
of budget
Recall Cost
+17% gross profit with $0 additional spend

AI Based Solutions

  • Media Mix Modeling
    Media Mix Modeling
    Analyze media spend impact across campaigns and determine the optimal mix to meet your marketing goals.
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  • Multi Touch Attribution (1)
    Multi-Touch Attribution
    Evaluate the incremental impact of each media touchpoint to make the most of each marketing dollar spent.​​
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  • Lead Scoring
    Lead Scoring
    Determine which leads represent the most value for your organization.
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  • Voice Of Customer Experience
    Voice of Customer Experience
    Find real-time insights into what people are saying about your products and services.
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  • Next Best Action
    Next Best Action
    Analyze all possible scenarios and automate recommendations on the next best media action.
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  • Rfm I Segmentation
    RFM-I Segmentation
    Segment your customers to calculate their Customer Lifetime Value and inform what your next goals should be.
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  • Customer Lifetime Value
    Customer Lifetime Value
    Measurement of how valuable a customer is, not just on a purchase-by-purchase basis but across the entire relationship.
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  • Ai Bi Consulting
    AI & BI Consulting
    Full data, modeling, forecasting, visualization, and best practices to make smarter, better, faster decisions.
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