Our Process

Our Process is at the Heart of Everything we Do at RXA

Perfected Process

Structured process optimized for speed, agility, investment optimization and measured success. ​

Our work begins with understanding your business needs, the root problems you need to solve while identifying metrics directly contributing to success. We then work with your teams to activate your internal and external data to build nimble prescriptive and predictive models highlighting paths to success. Decision opportunities are communicated through custom visualizations and consultations to insure all stakeholders understand the value and impact of your investment.​


Invest time up front to understand the decision-making process.​

  • Ask questions and listen to the decision makers.​
  • Understand the business objectives then the drivers.​

Create a robust project plan and understand success.​

  • Business Objectives
  • ​Business Problems​
  • Data Sources
  • ​Audiences​
  • Timeline​
  • Success Criteria

Start new initiatives when the time is right.​

Look at raw data. Understand the current landscape, and begin to identify relationships and assumptions.​

Identify new ideas, and document in the Analytics Plan for the next phase. ​


Implement the models and data science applications.​

  • Data collection / ETL​
  • Model training
  • ​Model testing​
  • ​Audiences​

Empower decision makers to understand the data science and incorporate the results into their process.​

  • Translate model output into meaningful insights to help a decision maker.​
  • Automate workflows and information sharing.

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