Getting Help In Domo

“Put in a ticket.” This sentence can invoke feelings of frustration – especially if you feel like you’re going in circles with support staff before finding a solution. Working with thousands of Domo users has given me the privilege of seeing many ways of asking for help, and I’ve found some to be more useful than others. So, how do you provide details in a way that helps an IT professional help you? Here are some of the best tips for fellow Domo users to get the help that they need.

Provide Reference 

The fastest way to get help is to make it easier for the person helping you. This means providing a URL to the card, dataset, dashboard, etc. that you’re having trouble with. Often, users just include names or snapshots, but assets can exist in numerous places and have ambiguous or similar names. The easiest way to combat that is with a URL to the specific asset. This ensures everyone is looking at and solving for the correct issue.

Provide Context – Consider recording a video 

We can spend hours writing technical emails only to find that we’re not communicating well. Sometimes the easiest way to relay your difficulty is to record a short, 3-minute or less video that walks through the nuances and challenges. Regularly using videos can support the process of creating training and documentation simultaneously, especially if timestamps are documented. This can save a lot of time across your organization.

Provide Help – Be a Resource! 

Sometimes putting in a ticket is the way to go, but what if a coworker or teammate might know the answer? Relying on tribal knowledge of others is valuable – it builds rapport and practice collaborating. Often, I’ve found that questions or concerns can be answered by a coworker. If they can’t, it can still be helpful to better define the question or need for support staff.

Do you have any other tips to successfully get help in Domo? Let us know in the comments!

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