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RXA @ OneMagnify has worked with agencies on a variety of projects to understand consumer behavior and optimize revenue.

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Partner with RXA @ OneMagnify to offer our Media Optimization solutions to your customers, with RXA’s full support in implementation​.

Revenue Stream

Add a New
Revenue Stream​

Understand consumer behavior and segment consumers using applied AI in order to most efficiently reach the right consumers at the right time​.

Customer Lifecycle

Manage the
Customer Lifecycle​

Create dashboards that act as the single source of truth for performance and KPI reporting to better understand business performance​.

Agencies Case studies

Customer Lifecycle & Media Optimization

Customer Lifecycle & Media Optimization

  • 17% increase in profit​
  • $0 added to
    media spend​
  • 28% of media
    spend reallocated​

RXA conducted an analysis of marketing spend to determine actual return on investment by individual digital marketing channels from over 300 dealerships with over $70M in annual media spend. Utilizing a Multi-touch Attribution approach on 3.5M consumer touchpoints, the output demonstrated true incremental impact on sales and service orders, by channel, from media spending. One dealership identified the above improvements to profits and media spend.

Customer Lifecycle

Customer Lifecycle

How an agency partner profits from RXA solutions

  • Expanded
  • Sales
  • Implementation support​
  • Enhance RFP responses and wins​

An advertising and marketing communications agency was looking to integrate advanced analytics solutions outside of their current offerings. By partnering with RXA, they were able to offer RXA’s solutions under their brand with full support including customer lifetime value.​

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Media Optimization

Kortx is a Multi-channel advertising agency focused on a data-driven customized and a personnel-forward approach. ​

Kortx engaged RXA because they wanted to add applied artificial intelligence horsepower to their solutions set to add differentiators to their offerings.​

Kortx and RXA devised a plan to implement a custom Multi-touch attribution marketing effectiveness measurement technique that took all of the touchpoints on the consumer journey into consideration and assigned fractional credit to each so that Kortx customers could see how much influence each channel has on a sale. RXA’s custom solution offered a more sophisticated alternative to traditional, rules-based attribution approaches, such as advancements on the first-and last-touch philosophy, which gives all the credit to the first or last marketing touchpoint before the consumer converts through a purchase, download, or any other event.​​

RXA’s custom solutions has been integrated into Kortx’s day to day business and sales process creating differentiators and custom outputsfor each of Kortx’s customers resulting in higher customer satisfaction and over double-digit percent business development growth.​

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