Best App: Voice of Customer Experience & Top Rising Star Company

RXA is the only company to win two awards at Domopalooza 2020!

Applied Artificial Intelligence

RXA is the global leader in applied artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced data science, and analytics allowing companies to make smarter, faster decisions.

RXA is a leading international applied artificial intelligence and data science company.

Founded in 2016 in Ann Arbor, MI, RXA is a global company with a diverse portfolio of services and solutions such as being a leading Domo implementation and consulting firm, customized artificial intelligence kick-start programs, and an RXA Studio. RXA Studio supports the development of new products, companies, and proprietary solutions such as Media Optimization, Voice of Customer Experience, and Workforce Optimization to help organizations improve their ROI and decision making while streamlining operations.

RXA’s solutions are currently being leveraged by over 70 different customers across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. ​

RXA has been awarded “Rising Star,” “Innovative Partner of the Year,” and “Application of the Year” by Domo, Inc. (NASDAQ: DOMO)

We are a Domo Certified Agency Partner.

RXA is a certified Domo Professional Services Partner, with Certified Professional Services and Technical consultants on staff. We can quickly get you and your staff up and running on the DOMO platform. We provide access to the full suite of Domo features paired with our advanced analytics solutions and full suite of machine learning applications.

With packages starting at $499/month, we are ready to supply businesses of any size with immediate data insights.

Kick-start the value
of your data.

In a world where over 10,000 GIFs are tracked and served every second, data is overrated. Value is created by quickly distilling vast amounts of data into information that allows you to take action. RXA’s artificial intelligence and machine learning applications find the needle in the haystack helping you increase decision making.​

RXA Studio AI Applications

RXA conceives, launches, and scales Applied Artificial Intelligence-based solutions and companies through the application of business strategy, world-class design, and product development​​. RXA Studio applications are leveraged by over 70 customers on four continents​.

Through the power and partnership of RXA, we are able to understand and evolve our customer relationships like never before. Real-time contextual/situational analytics puts us side by side with our fans. Our self-service contact deflection increased by over 200% and resulting fan satisfaction has improved by 9% across all contact channels and now sits at a record high. We now have context in the moments of truth from our fans, with RXA’s real-time VoCx app. Up your game, work with RXA.

Douglas Kramon / ESPN

Sr. Director of Customer Operations & Fan Support

RXA works with the leading data science platforms and tools available today.

While we work with several of the leading providers, we have chosen to partner with those we consider the best. Domo is our preferred data and visualization platform, and we are a Domo Certified Agency Partner.

We have also partnered with Alteryx to assist our customers in empowering their own citizen data scientists. Alteryx makes data science simple.

RXA is proud to be a member of the Google Cloud Platform Startup Program, AWS Activate, Ann Arbor SPARK and Angell Hall Capital Partners.

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