Applied Artificial Intelligence

RXA is a cloud-based software company that offers machine learning and artificial intelligence applications to help you make smarter, faster decisions.

RXA Wins "Innovative Partner of the Year" Award at Domopalooza 2019!

Unlock the value of
your customer data.

In a world where over 10,000 GIFs are tracked and served every second, data is overrated. Value is created by quickly distilling mind-numbing amounts of data into information that allows you to take action. RXA’s machine learning applications help you find the needle in the haystack.

We are a Domo Certified Agency Partner

RXA is a certified Domo Professional Services Partner, with Certified Professional Services and Technical consultants on staff. We can quickly get you and your staff up and running on the DOMO platform. We provide access to the full suite of Domo features paired with our advanced analytics solutions and full suite of machine learning applications.

With packages starting at $499/month, we are ready to supply businesses of any size with immediate data insights.

RXA Machine Learning Applications

Now, with RXA’s cloud-based machine learning applications and our subscription model pricing, companies of all sizes can use advanced machine learning to optimize their businesses. We make it easy for companies to evaluate the benefits of machine learning with quick setup and no long-term commitments.

Marketing Optimization

Labor Optimization


Customer Segmentation

Voice of the Customer

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