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What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is the practice of engaging employees through a third party to fill a specific position for a fixed amount of time. When a company...
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A Basic Guide to Domo Visualizations

As a Domo partner, we constantly see the power that the Domo platform has to visualize data and bring it to life to tell a story....
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Need Domo Training? Read This Guide to Get Started!

“You’ve been Domo’d.” So, you have your Domo invite in your inbox. Exciting right? Time to build a basic card and start the journey of understanding...
Bad Data
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Bad Data Means Bad Models

Ecommerce data is growing exponentially. The latest push is driven by the effects of the pandemic, but we have been on this path for a long...
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How to Succeed at Domo, Part 2: Taming your Beast Modes

Beast Modes. Your Domo team has seen them, used them, played around with them. Now you’ve got hundreds, even thousands in your instance, across a multitude...
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Voice of the Customer: What it is and why it’s important

Utilizing customer feedback to gain actionable insights is critical to both customer retention and new business development. In today’s world of constant connection and information, businesses...
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Tips to Improve the QA Process to Optimize Results

To say that the digital analysts at RXA have QA experience would be an understatement. Quality assurance (QA) is often rushed or only takes place when...
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How to Succeed at Domo

Domo is a platform of possibilities. It makes iteration and experimentation very accessible; from data storage, to transformation, to visualization, there are endless ways to power...
Moving Data
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Python x Snowflake Multithreaded Data Upload

Working with SSO and Splitting Large Zip Files  Python allows for fast processing of large datasets. Snowflake is great for data storage and access. But getting 2.1GB compressed (41GB uncompressed)...
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