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How to build a custom API using Python

If you’re a data scientist or analyst, you know that having the ability to create custom APIs can be extremely valuable. But if you’re not familiar...
Snowflake for data science
All BlogsBusiness IntelligenceData Science

How to use Snowflake for Data Science

Adding a data science or machine learning (ML) workload to your existing data infrastructure can be a challenge. In this post, we’ll show you how to...
Data Roadmap
All BlogsBusiness IntelligenceData Science

How to build a data roadmap for your organization

Are you looking to create a data roadmap for your organization, but not sure where to start? Building a data roadmap from scratch can feel like...
Data Tranformation Etl
All BlogsBusiness Intelligence

Learn the Basics of ETL dataflows

ETLs are a necessary part of many data pipelines, but they can often be complex and confusing. In this blog post, we’ll break down the basics...
SQL Data Tables
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How To Write a Join in SQL?

In this blog post, we'll explain how to write a join in SQL so that you can start using this powerful tool in your own work.
Database Table With Server Storage And Network In Datacenter
All BlogsBusiness Intelligence

How To Write a Basic SQL Query

SQL is a standard database query language that enables you to easily manipulate and query data for business intelligence purposes. In this blog post, we’ll give...
BI Dashboard concept image, man holding a tablet with graphs, visuals, and KPIs coming out of it.
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How to Build a Great BI Dashboard

If you work with data, chances are you’ve created or used a business intelligence (BI) dashboard before. We’ve all seen good dashboards – but what makes...
Domo State Of Mind Pt 1
All BlogsBusiness IntelligenceDomo

Domo State of Mind: Defining your Data Culture to get Domo’s Transformational Value

Domo’s flexibility can be daunting. The business cloud platform integrates thousands of sources of data, offers unparalleled and accessible data transformation, and gives users the ability...
RXA Presents: Real Intelligence cover art
All BlogsBusiness IntelligenceReal Intelligence Podcast

Mary Carse | Data Storytelling in Marketing

Our second Real Intelligence podcast guest is Mary Carse! Katia Sausys and Anna Schultz sat down with Mary to discuss her career in marketing data and analytics,...
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