Finding The Story In The Data

Finding the Story in the Data

While everything we do at RXA we do as a team, a team is by definition a set of individuals who come together for a common...
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Using Domo Gauge Cards
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Using Domo Gauge Cards

If this isn’t value you want, you either need to filter the card on one of the accounts and build two cards to show the value...
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The Reasons Your Organization is Avoiding Digital Analytics QA

Nobody with any experience in the digital space will argue against the importance of a strong QA process. We’ve all seen the results of skipping digital...
Green Code
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What is Digital Analytics and Why It’s Important

“What do you do for a living?” I get asked this question frequently, and I sometimes find it a daunting task to explain. If I had...
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The RXA Google Analytics Forecast App

You know the scenario: you’re scrolling through Facebook, and out of the corner of your eye you see that pair of sneakers that you were looking...
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Organizing Your Data at Home and in the Office

  The sheer amount of data we deal with on a daily basis can seem overwhelming. From documents to metrics info to email, if you’re not...
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Backyard Industry Digital Benchmarks

When you’re evaluating your digital presence, a recurring concern is always, “how does that stack up against the industry’s {insert any metric here}?” We all want...
Digital Analytics Consultant
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Finding the Right Digital Analytics Consultant for Your Business

  Many companies are new to digital analytics; this is why they need an analyst to begin with. Because of this, it’s not hard for someone who...
Machine Learning
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What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning. Business and tech spheres are inundated with this buzzword that is thrown around with the intent of driving forward concepts and ideas, but they...
Adobe Tags Observepoint
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Using ObservePoint for regression testing

The latest and greatest features of a software release are worthless if they break the features of the previous versions. Regression testing is an essential part...
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