Members of the RXA team published a paper titled “The three stages of workforce optimisation: Moving beyond the industry standard” in the Applied Marketing Analytics Volume 8 Number 1 journal. A downloadable PDF of the article is found below. You may access the full journal through this link.


Erlang-C has long been the industry standard for call centre staffing. As call centres evolve and staffing concerns move to other industries, the standard methods don’t always work as expected. While traditional scheduling methods focused on translating historic demand into staffing needs, the estimation of demand and the logistics of scheduling employees have not always been equally considered. Through the analysis of multiple use cases from distinct industries, this approach evaluates all three stages of workforce optimisation and explores the gap between theory and reality.


  • Dakota Crisp, Data Scientist, RXA
  • Jess Brown, Senior Data Scientist, RXA
  • Jack Claucherty, Data Scientist, RXA
  • Davis Busteed, Senior Data Scientist, RXA
  • Anna Schultz, Marketing Coordinator, RXA
  • Jonathan Prantner, Chief Analytics Officer and co-founder, RXA