What is DP22?

Domopalooza is a special kind of event. Where else can you learn best practices in the Domo data platform, discover new Domo solutions, and finish off the day with a performance by Lil Jon? More importantly, you get to collaborate with other organizations on how to drive informed decision making through experience and share stories of success, which has always been my favorite part of Domopalooza. The Coronavirus has presented its challenges with holding the event in-person; however, there is still a lot of value to be derived from its virtual counterpart.

Make sure you register for the conference here – https://www.domo.com/domopalooza#register.

How do I make the most out of it?

This is the third virtual Domopalooza and we’ve seen the event team grow and polish their virtual offering each year. What’s more, these sessions will be recorded, so you’ll be able to prioritize content and won’t miss a thing (more on that later). Get the sneak peek here – https://www.domo.com/domopalooza/agenda#/breakout-sessions. The value propositions of each breakout session are laid out clearly, their context concise. We suggest reviewing all the options to decide what you’re interested in – there is a huge range of content from tons of industries and project objectives, organized into the following categories:


Many organizations share their compelling narratives, success stories, and areas they found improvement. Here are a few sessions that we’re particularly excited about!

  • Roundtable | Data’s New Role in Crisis Response (Modernizing the Business)

A particularly relevant roundtable bringing an actionable outlook to approaching the instability companies are facing today. Representatives from a variety of industries, such as Walker Edison, Worldwide Healthstaff, and Consumer Credit Union will explore how they are mitigating current events with data. We always love hearing success stories on how companies are solving problems with data. This should be a great talk!

  • Getting Started with Domo Everywhere (Modern Data Ecosystems)

Domo Everywhere allows users to embed live dashboards in their own website, with more control over aesthetics, user logins, and interactivity. It’s always great to learn about Domo’s features directly from the source, and Dan Hendrickson, the GM of Domo Everywhere, will lead users through an overview of the capabilities of this feature and directions for setting it up. This will be a great way to learn about the offering and see a live example.

  • Using Beast Mode to Build Data Storytelling (Driving Scale and Adoption)

Beast Modes can be used to achieve next-level polish on your dashboards. In this session, a Senior Data Analyst at Sweetwater will review how their team has used hyperlinking, product images, calculated fields around processing time, and custom period-over-period calculations within Beast Modes to take advantage of this unique offering.

  • From Business Process Owner to Citizen Developer using Domo (Building Modern Business Apps)

Domo Apps is a huge focus of the conference this year, showing how to deliver data in an experience rather than a static dashboard. But if you don’t have a developer background, you may not think this is relevant for you – but think again! This should be a great session designed to show users how Ryan Ricks automated an elaborate workflow on his own with a limited background in analytics. Become the next Citizen Developer at your company!

Defining Success and Doing it Right

When I first started working with Domo, I wanted to do “cool” things. Not necessarily what was best for my organization. To make the most of Domopalooza, remember to think about your organization, your stakeholders, and the individuals that have the business knowledge. These individuals can define the problem clearly, so you can define the solution. It’s easy to focus on technology, but focusing on delivering value is a much more effective way of transforming your organization.

To succeed, consider:

1. Prioritization. Utilize Eisenhower’s Matrix to prioritize. Many individuals will have a tactical focus, identifying areas that are urgent and important. While these are valuable, they should be balanced with what is important, but not urgent. That’s where your organization’s strategy lives.

2. Consider the value of a couple of easy takeaways. Garner and support excitement/support around a larger initiative, informed by new Domo features (ex. using MagicETL 2.0 to clean up instances or DomoStats to improve Governance). Sharing these takeaways with your organization will help rally adoption/usage. Maybe Bob would use Domo more/see value if he just used feature X.

RXA @ Domopalooza

Of course, we have to shout out the hard work our team has done to create some awesome Domopalooza content this year. RXA and our partners are participating in four sessions and we highly suggest checking them out!

  • Modernizing CPG with Domo Everywhere

In this session, you’ll hear how RWI Logistics used Domo Everywhere to help customers navigate unprecedented supply chain challenges and how iPro Systems and RXA bring clarity to the complicated world of CPG data and analytics.

  • Turning Data into Action for Your Customers

In this session, you’ll learn how Naylor Marketing Solutions, Bold Strategies, and RXA have used Domo Everywhere to monetize their data and use it to find new opportunities to grow their relationships with clients.

  • How ESPN Used Domo’s Intelligent Apps to Increase Customer Satisfaction

In this session we’ll explore how RXA and ESPN worked together to create a data science-based intelligent application. Using Domo’s data science tools and Apps framework, they were able to gather, analyze, and visualize customer feedback—leading to an all-time high fan satisfaction rate.

  • How to Use External Data in BI and Data Science to Drive Deeper Business Impact

This workshop will demonstrate how to use control features in your business intelligence efforts. Evaluate and interpret control features and put them in context to communicate to business owners. There will be working example of how to identify and access control features and integrate them directly into Domo.

Domopalooza means new features, data strategies, and opportunities for you and your organization. Should you need any assistance in navigating these, want some additional Domo training, or have a project in mind, reach out to our team at learn@rxa.io. Be sure to visit our virtual booth page at https://rxa.io/dp22-booth to register for your free gift – a custom blend of hot sauce made by our friends at Puckerbutt Pepper Company, ringing in at 1.6 million on the Scoville scale!