Media Spend Optimizer

RXA helped a marketing department optimize their spend for franchise locations. The RXA team built a dashboard that includes several Domo cards and a custom application to display optimal media spend levels. Users can select from a list of franchise locations, adjust Search, Display, and Social spend, and explore various outcomes for the selection, including number of leads, sales, and cost per lead.

Media Optimization Demo 2023 Lead Based Mta Investment Optimizer Domo

Multi-Touch Attribution – Social

The RXA team built a dashboard to help an automotive company associate social media activity with generated leads and sales. The company now uses the dashboard to understand appropriate media spend levels and placement in order to maximize leads per click, cost per click, and cost per lead KPIs.

Media Optimization Demo 2023 Lead Based Mta Social Domo

Multi-Touch Attribution – Lead Generation

RXA helped a mortgage company understand where leads are being generated. To do so, they built a dashboard that reports lead generation over time, spend over time, and breaks down individual channel performance.

MTA Lead Generation Domo