Lead Scoring

RXA helped an investment company with a Lead Scoring use case. Our team implemented data science models to assign a value (or score) to a lead (or sales opportunity) to determine the likelihood of a successful conversion and the estimated value associated with the expected transaction. The higher the lead score, the higher chance the lead will make a significant purchase in the short term, the higher the priority of the contact management tasks associated with the lead.

Customer Value Demo 2023 Lead Scoring Domo (1)

Expansion Analysis

RXA was brought in to help a financial department evaluate the viability of an expansion opportunity. Using Domo AutoML, the client’s internal data, and external control data, the team built a dashboard that reports on the competitive landscape and financial capabilities of the firm, ultimately providing recommendations on when and where to expand.

The Jewelry Store Domo

Balance Sheet

RXA worked with a company to recreate their monthly Balance Sheet in Domo. The team created a dashboard that visualizes Cash and Debt Management, Working Capital Management, and Accounts Receivable over time, as well as a detailed Balance Sheet.

Finance Balance Sheet - Domo