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Maximize the potential of AI with RXA’s end-to-end DataRobot services. We apply our AI expertise with your business goals, to help you make better decisions with your data.

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DataRobot Experts

RXA has the expertise, experience, and commitment to deliver the best possible outcomes for our DataRobot engagements. We have worked with clients across various industries, and our experience enables us to quickly understand our clients’ unique needs and develop customized solutions that are tailored to their specific business requirements. This allows our clients to focus on their core business activities while we take care of the technical details.

DataRobot Trusted Partner

RXA is a Strategic DataRobot partner with a fully certified team. We have data scientists, data engineers, business intelligence consultants, and project managers on staff waiting to help with your ML strategy, experimentation, and production. From building and deploying models to integrating them into existing workflows, we provide a comprehensive range of services that cover the entire data science workflow.

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DataRobot Services Offered

Api Automation

APIs and Integrations

RXA can integrate DataRobot with your existing systems and workflows by creating APIs and service integrations. We’ll help you easily connect your data to DataRobot or send model results to your data visualization platform of choice.

Data Science

Prepare Modeling Data

RXA can prepare your data for modeling by cleaning and organizing it. Data Scientists can spend up to 80% of their time in this step – engage RXA to do the legwork, so your team can focus on creating business insights.


Build Models

RXA can help your organization build accurate and effective models using DataRobot. Our team has vast experience building various types of machine learning models for businesses across different industries to solve their specific business problems.

Data Integration

Integrate Models

RXA can help your team integrate models into your organization’s existing systems and workflows. By deploying important models in your production environment, your team can automate decision-making processes, reduce manual effort, and improve efficiency.

Data Governance

Validate and Govern

RXA can help your team validate and govern their models to ensure accuracy and compliance. We implement rigorous testing, validation, and monitoring of the model’s performance in real-world scenarios so you can rest easy.

Time Series

Monitor and Measure ROI

RXA can help your team monitor and measure the ROI of their models through tracking KPIs or A/B testing. This process helps your team identify areas to optimize model deployment, adjust business strategies, and maximize the benefits of using DataRobot.

Data Visualization

Export and Visualize

RXA can help you build visualizations in the DataRobot platform, or export results and create visualizations in your BI platform of choice. We’re experienced in building charts and dashboards that enable users to gain a deep understanding of their data.

Intelligent Insights

Improve Decisions

RXA can help your organization make better business decisions using DataRobot. We can provide strategy recommendations, model recommendations, and help your team interpret results to ensure you get the most out of your data.

Improve Customer

Custom Solutions

Don’t see your project on this list? Let us know! RXA can provide custom solutions for clients with unique needs.

Use Case: How RXA used DataRobot to accelerate the ML cycle

The Problem

An agency partner provides their clients with leads based on website and phone activity. They wanted to improve the quality of those leads by determining timeline of purchase and assigning a rating to each lead based on the predicted timeline. In addition, leads that become active again needed to be modeled separately at a higher priority. Finally, the client needed to understand intent behind registering as a lead.

RXA’s Solution

RXA’s DataRobot team got to work creating models to address the client’s needs by building a propensity model to predict intention to buy, and taking time and time-based aggregations into account. Using the power of DataRobot, the team was able to quickly and easily iterate through model selection and assessment. The final model was able to differentiate more of the “buys” at the lower end, and determine accurate purchase probability for different ranks of customers.

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