RXA Leadership Team

RXA is a leading global applied artificial intelligence and data science company.

RXA is a Growth Marketing Technology and leading applied artificial intelligence company founded in 2016 in Ann Arbor, MI. RXA has a diverse portfolio of solutions that help companies transform their data to attract, convert, retain, and grow their customer base such as Media Optimization, Voice of Customer Experience, and Customer Lifecycle applications all leveraging RXA’s proprietary Growth Marketing Intelligence Platform.  In addition, RXA is leading AI and BI implementation and consulting firm implementing customized artificial intelligence kick-start programs across 45+ different industries.​​

RXA’s solutions are currently being leveraged by over 130 different customers across North America, Europe, and APAC. RXA has been named the 2019 Innovative Partner of the Year and 2020 Rising Star and Best Application (Voice of Customer Experience) by Domo, Inc. (NASDAQ: DOMO)​

Jason Harper headshot

Jason Harper

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Data Scientist. Storyteller. Guide. Over the past 20 years, Jason has helped usher in the era of big data and analytics we are living in today. Examples of his work can be found in the WSJ, MIT Technology Review and more.

Jonathan Prantner headshot

Jonathan Prantner

Co-Founder / Chief Analytics Officer

Teacher. Innovator. Wizard behind the curtain. Jonathan’s approach to applied mathematics has pushed analytics to the limits for over 2 decades. A celebrated thought-leader and recipient of multiple data science patents.

Tom Stanek headshot

Tom Stanek


Cultivator, Strategist. Motivator. For over the past 2 decades Tom’s business approach and leadership has driven significant growth in multi-billion dollar organizations. Tom’s experiences range across many disciplines such as operations, sales, marketing, business development, and government relations.

Heather Reed headshot

Heather Reed

Chief Experience Officer

Orchestrator. Champion. Change Maker. Heather has dedicated her career guiding organizations on how best to connect with their customers and optimize performance. Heather has extensive experience in management consulting, delivery, organizational restructuring, and operations.

Jon Kuznicki headshot

Jon Kuznicki

Chief Operations Officer

Jon has spent a number of years managing internal Operations & Financials as well as Project & Account Management. Jon ensures quality delivery by implementing best practices, enforcing repeatable solutions and improving processes.

Jeff Doak headshot

Jeff Doak

Chief Technology Officer

Jeff has been a leader in data analytics and visualization for over 20 years. His skills as a data engineer and developer have helped hundreds of companies find meaningful insights across a variety of digital practices.

Abbey Dienes headshot

Abbey Dienes

Head of People & Transformation

Inclusive leader. Relationship builder. Ambitious and passionate about everything people related. Abbey is a culture ambassador who represents core values and culture to all employees. Over the course of her career she has earned the respect of her colleagues by being approachable and fair while balancing business needs with employee needs.

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