Our Core Values

We care about ourselves, our families and our communities. We support and encourage our co-workers’ personal and professional development. We do this through beneficial feedback, reality checks, and even supportive humor. We listen and show understanding when team members share their personal ups and downs and we respect their confidences and privacy. We extend our caring into the community-at-large by offering personal time and resources to those in need.

We are all members of team RXA. We seek help when we need it. We support each other without hesitation or complaint. We win as one, and we fall as one. We build relationships with one another and seek opportunities to help each other succeed. We are open to feedback and encourage others to question our methods, offer their skills and create an environment of open collaboration and shared credit. The team. The team. The team.

We are sincere in our words and in our actions. We are experts at what we do, and we are comfortable that we will never stop learning. We are authentic with each other, with our families, with our clients and with our prospects. We do not accept politics.

We are all explorers. We are never satisfied, and we will never stop improving and looking for new problems to solve. We are free to question everything and everyone.

We unambiguously accept responsibility for our problems or mistakes and accept and share realistic credit for successes. We communicate expectations clearly, are transparent in our decision-making and hold others accountable for their actions. We keep our promises and commitments. We challenge behavior that conflicts with RXA’s values and act with the highest ethical standards in dealing with internal and external customers.

We applaud effort, but reward results. We recognize that value is created when our products and services are delivered and clients are delighted. We move our products from beta to production. We deliver finished goods to our customers. When we help each other, we take initiative and see things through to completion. We have a shared sense of ownership, and celebrate crossing finish lines.

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