A2.AI is Ann Arbor’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference. The A2.AI mission is to educate professionals on the best AI, ML, and BI tools and strategies available today while providing networking opportunities in the space. RXA is a longtime host, sponsor and speaker of the event.

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A2.AI 2021 Videos

What’s Your AI Strategy?

Multitouch Attribution in the Age Modernizing Business Intelligence: Bringing AI/ML to the Business and Making it Stick

Roundtable Panel

Optimizing Your Marketing Efforts with Data Science: How to Be Successful Where Most Efforts Fail

Where to Spend Your Next Dollar: Media Optimization at FordDirect

Do You Embrace Agility in Tough Times OR Prepare for Winning the Future?

How to Build an Effective Data Science Team for Marketing

A2.AI 2020 Videos

Harmonizing Workforce Schedule with Uncertain Demand

Multitouch Attribution in the Age of Increased Privacy

More Accurately Predicting the Future – A Ready Signal Introduction

Building & Monitoring Efficient Production Data Science Pipelines

A2.AI 2020 Roundtable Part 1: Introductions

A2.AI 2020 Roundtable Part 2: AI – Artificial or Augmented?

A2.AI 2020 Roundtable Part 3: Ethics in AI

A2.AI 2020 Roundtable Part 4: Data Privacy

A2.AI 2020 Roundtable Part 5: AI and Data Processes

A2.AI 2020 Roundtable Part 6: Building and Managing Teams

A2.AI 2020 Roundtable Part 7: Conclusion and Takeaways