RXA Solutions

RXA Analytics Platform

RXA provides end-to-end data management, performance measurement and data visualization to deliver a single source for you to understand performance across the present state of your business.

Our off-the-shelf and custom machine learning and artificial intelligence applications enable predictive analytics and prescriptive solutions.

Voice of Customer NLP

  • Uses natural language processing (NLP) to process large amounts of text from consumer feedback sources like social media, forums, surveys and call centers.
  • Key messages and explicit customer sentiment (e.g. star ratings) prevalent in the feedback are communicated in easy-to-interpret word clouds. Detailed tables complete with verbatims and sources are also available.
  • Provides accurate, timely and actionable insights culled directly from the voice of your customers.

Propensity Scoring + Theme Detection + Sentiment Analysis

  • For brands using propensity scoring to segment their customer database this machine learning application adds explicit consumer sentiment and themes expressed in customer feedback to enhance the scoring algorithm.
  • Enables brands to target specific products and services to the customers who will deliver the highest return.

Labor Optimization

Using a combination of machine learning applications and data visualization, we arm you with the information needed to ensure optimal staffing levels and minimize gaps in coverage and under-utilization of resources.

  • Decrease labor costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase employee retention

Advanced Store Segmentation

Website Analytics Consulting

  • Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics
  • Tagging Implementation and Validation
  • Data Integrity
  • Reporting
  • Forecasting
  • Automation
  • Scenario Planning

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