RXA Platform

RXA Machine Learning Platform

Cloud based, on-demand analytics services.

The RXA Machine Learning Platform is a Data Science system built in the cloud comprised of a combination of databases, R, and Python.

The system processes billions of records per day and can integrate with existing data and analytics infrastructure.

RXA Propensity Scoring

What will happen next?

  • Scores and segments data points based on their likelihood to create an identified outcome, driven by historical observed patterns and relationships.
  • Learns and improves over time through the validation (and invalidation) of these relationships.
  • Enables you to focus attention on the right place, at the right time.

RXA Advanced Segmentation

  • Identifies groups based on defining characteristics (purchases, behavior, demographics, store size, etc.)
  • Uses machine learning algorithms to identify the likelihood of these groups to perform future actions based on historical data.
  • Enables you to take targeted actions yielding the highest impact.
Labor Optimization

RXA Forecasting & Anomaly Detection

  • Predicts future key performance measures like sales, acceptance rates, and demand.
  • Helps establish goals and interim benchmarks to track progress and identify optimization opportunities.
  • Provides an automated early-warning system when variations from historical or forecasted outcomes are seen.

RXA Voice of Customer Data Mining

  • The RXA Voice of Customer Global Platform accesses over 650M posts per day, in 115 languages across 120 countries.
  • US Coverage includes the top social platforms (Facebook, Reddit, etc.) through the long tail of blogs and forums
  • Coverage in China includes monitoring of top news and social sites covering 890M users
  • Coverage in Russia includes top social media sites, blogs, and forums covering over 440M users
  • Coverage in South Korea scans ~500,000 posts per day
  • Coverage in India scans ~30,000 posts per day
  • Coverage in the Middle East scans ~100,000 posts per day
  • 100TB of historic data back through 2015 is available

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