RXA Platform

Machine Learning as a Service

RXA Machine Learning Platform

Cloud based, on-demand analytics services

The RXA Machine Learning Platform is a Data Science system built in the cloud comprised of a combination of databases, R, and Python.

The system processes billions of records per day and can integrate with existing data and analytics infrastructure.

machine learning platform
propensity scoring

RXA Propensity Scoring

What will happen next?

  • Scores and segments data points based on their likelihood to create an identified outcome, driven by historical observed patterns and relationships.
  • Learns and improves over time through the validation (and invalidation) of these relationships.
  • Enables you to focus attention on the right place, at the right time.

RXA Advanced Segmentation

  • Identifies groups based on defining characteristics (purchases, behavior, demographics, store size, etc.)
  • Uses machine learning algorithms to identify the likelihood of these groups to perform future actions based on historical data.
  • Enables you to take targeted actions yielding the highest impact.
advanced segmentation
forecasting and anomaly detection

RXA Forecasting & Anomaly Detection

  • Predicts future key performance measures like sales, acceptance rates, and demand.
  • Helps establish goals and interim benchmarks to track progress and identify optimization opportunities.
  • Provides an automated early-warning system when variations from historical or forecasted outcomes are seen.

RXA Voice of Customer Data Mining

  • The RXA Voice of Customer Global Platform accesses over 650M posts per day, in 115 languages across 120 countries.
  • US Coverage includes the top social platforms (Facebook, Reddit, etc.) through the long tail of blogs and forums
  • Coverage in China includes monitoring of top news and social sites covering 890M users
  • Coverage in Russia includes top social media sites, blogs, and forums covering over 440M users
  • Coverage in South Korea scans ~500,000 posts per day
  • Coverage in India scans ~30,000 posts per day
  • Coverage in the Middle East scans ~100,000 posts per day
  • 100TB of historic data back through 2015 is available
voice of customer data mining

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