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Supply Chain and Operations Dashboard Examples

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RXA was engaged to prepare a forecasting dashboard for a client. Using data science techniques, Domo functionality, and custom applications, they created a Point In Time forecast. Users can adjust the current levels of parts and labor to see progress towards targets, and adjust their business operations accordingly.

Forecasting Demo

Customer Complaints

RXA created a dashboard to source and display customer complaints for the automotive industry. This page allows end users to view complaints broken down by make, model, component, and geographical area. They can also view changes over time and see granular, detailed information in order to make informed operational decisions.

Nhtsa Nhtsa Complaints Domo


The RXA team worked with an association to help them understand their membership data. The resulting dashboard allows the client to understand trends for memberships based on type and location, to better plan for changes. They can now allocate resources appropriately to increase retention and new membership growth.