Domo State Of Mind Pt 1

Domo State of Mind: Defining your Data Culture to get Domo’s Transformational Value

Domo’s flexibility can be daunting. The business cloud platform integrates thousands of sources of data, offers unparalleled and accessible data transformation, and gives users the ability...
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Growth Marketing Faq
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Growth Marketing FAQ

What is Growth Marketing? Growth marketing is the collection of technology and processes that activate customer data to deliver a net increase in an organization’s customer...
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How the Loss of Cookies Will Change Digital Advertising Analytics and What to Do About It Now

The digital ad sphere is about to change drastically. With privacy and user protection in the spotlight, Apple and Google are both in the process of...
Moving Data
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Python x Snowflake Multithreaded Data Upload

Working with SSO and Splitting Large Zip Files The information available to measure marketing effectiveness and measure the impact of short- and long-term effect of marketing...
Growth Marketing Data Optimization
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Media Mix Modeling – Strategies for Success

Growth Marketing Data Optimization and activation As advertisers and agencies evolve into Growth Marketing and data optimization-driven marketing programs, the RXA team (RXA.IO) helps deliver to...
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