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Our team of AI experts transform your AI ideas into production-ready solutions.

Applied Artificial Intelligence Consulting

Applied artificial intelligence consulting is a process which curates existing solutions in machine learning and deep learning to provide organizations with impactful processes that shape the future of their business.

RXA’s AI Kick-start program is customizable for organizations of all sizes.

Many companies are poised to leverage AI and machine learning and just need a little help on where to begin. RXA’s AI kick-start program does just that. We insert ourselves into your environment to make your company smarter, faster.​ We prove by doing. Together with your team and your data, we give you the expertise, techniques, and tools to win with AI.​

Case Study: Retail - B2B

  • The leading musical supply organization was struggling to adequately forecast yearend sales. Production rates, sales effort, costs and EBIDA were variable in Q4 of each year and the organization was stuck in a responsive mode.
  • RXA’s applied AI based forecasting solution integrated Ready Signal curated control data into a multivariate forecasting platform in order to predict sales performance by category enabling planning across the organization.
  • RXA was able to improve forecast precision by 50% or more.
RXA draws on an extensive data science expertise across industries to enable tactical solutions within your existing environment that deploy prescriptive analytics to address your specific business issues.

Customers see improved performance estimation, optimized processes that result in lower costs , and better allocation of resources. Most importantly, they gain an understanding of the why behind the numbers allowing the machines to be both prescriptive and empower an augmented intelligence that seamlessly blends the best of AI with the intricate knowledge of the SMEs within your organization.

Want to find out how RXA can kick-start your AI program?

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